At the risk of boring you to death about my annual trips to Santorini, I thought I would turn this blog into a summer fashion one - although it all seems a long time ago now, even though I have only been back a week.

Given that in the UK all it has done for the past week is rain, and the temperature has plummeted - it's almost like winter instead of autumn!

However, before we pack all our lovely summer prints away, we do have one more holiday to come - together this time - before we settle down for the winter.  Watch this space!

This lovely blue raspberry ripple Ted Baker top was a birthday gift to myself, and although sold out on the main site, it is still available from other retailers.  I mostly like to cover my ample hips so this is a perfect style for me, though I think it was initially meant as a swimwear cover up.  I've teamed it with ubiquitous thick white Julien Macdonald leggings (love them or hate them!) however, since it was much too hot to wear trousers or jeans. I also have a similar top in black and pink which I wear in much the same way. The flip flops and small tote bag are also from Ted Baker in the Harmony design. However, since these were bought in summer, they are now out of stock.

Swimwear cover ups are one of my beach holiday wardrobe staples since I can wear them for the evening over a cami and then over a swimming costume.  The advantage is they are super light to pack, and convert to a lightweight top with a self-coloured vest underneath. 

Another new purchase for the summer this year was this yellow tunic from Wallis, worn with white jeans from M&S, and sandals which I have had for many years and which I originally bought in Sainsbury's (no longer available but they do have some great sandals online).  The perspex tote is also a previous year's purchase, but similar ones are still available here.  Many have a zip purse attached in contrasting colours for your valuables to avoid having all your money/phones etc on display.

The butterfly earrings were borrowed from my daughter, and the watch is from Swarovski.

Silk pieces are a dream to pack - they take up very little space and once you've hung them up in the heat, al the crinkles fall out.  This turquoise one was gifted to me last year and has been on every holiday since then.  although now out of stock, Mandy's Heaven has many similar designs still on her website - and the cost won't break the bank either. The trousers are M&S and the jewelled turquoise sliders were a snip at just £13 in TKMaxx.

The orangey pink top is another beach cover up, this time from Matalan, and teamed with those same white Julien Macdonald leggings, and Sainsbury's sandals. 

I can't not include a photo of my lovely Greek friend Ellie - the reason I am taking Greek lessons is so that we can have proper conversations instead of via Google Translate!  My white top is still available from Zara and the pink chinos are from Florence & Fred at Tesco - similar ones here. Incidentally, Florence and Fred stopped selling via Tesco online. but are now available via Next. The necklace is originally from Phase Eight and perfectly matches the bracelet from Simply Devine. Sunglasses are Tiffany.

This year for the first time we visited the old village of Emporio - built sometime between the 14th and 18th centuries. It is difficult to be precise because many records of its history do not exist.  The picturesque alleys and walkways lead to a higgledy pigledy collection of tiny homes build on top of each other with no space between - it is difficult to see where one home ends and another starts.  The old castle is still inhabited, albeit in small apartment style homes rather than anything grand, and enjoys panoramic views of the island - presumably so the villagers could watch for invaders, since Santorini has been invaded so many times through the ages. Definitely a place to visit - I can't think why we waited so long to go.

I can't not finish with some fabulous photos of Santorini - it is just my favourite place in the world!  

Thira from the sea - taken from the King Thira pleasure boat (sadly not the fabulous yacht pictured here) for a sunset dinner cruise. There is a full day cruise taking in the volcano and some of the smaller islands but three hours on board was enough for us!

Sunset from Thira looking down onto Thirassia. Panemorfi (beautiful)!

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