I am so pleased to say I haven't got the same number of wardrobes to clear out as the other Anne as I do try to keep on top of it and assess what I have and haven't worn on a year by year basis. It is still surprising however how much you can accumulate whilst still telling yourself you really haven't bought that much.

I have discovered I seem to have a large number of coatigans that I really haven't been wearing.  I think the idea of them is fabulous and they should be such a brilliant transitional piece, but I really don't seem to reach for them at any time.  The one above is from COS and as a more weighty piece it has had a bit more wear.  Now I re-look at it, I think it is a bit too shapeless and really needs to hit the charity pile.

This one is also from COS and although lightweight and much more of an oversized cardigan than a coatigan I have still not got much wear out of it.  This might be one to try and sell as it is still looking pretty good.  COS have similar one in grey on their website at the moment, but I will resist.

And last but not least is the keeper, this heavy weight cardigan from Boden which I like for its structure and colour.  Lets see if I start to wear it more this spring - otherwise it is for next winters cull.

Boden do some nice knitwear and well worth a look if you like colour.... obviously not for me then!

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