Tropea in Calabria, Southern Italy is somewhere I visit at least twice a year so will be a familiar location to our blog readers.  It has featured on numerous occasions and here is a link to a few of those posts.  

This trip was a bit different though as I got to introduce my two nieces to this fabulous place, and there really is nothing to re-kindle your love of a place more than taking people round for their first time.  It's charms were not lost on them and they just loved our long weekend there.  

Highly appropriate sign

View of the Santa Maria dell'Isola 

Lizzy came along too so we had a marvellous girly trip with much laughter, good food and the odd tipple.  Lizzy has featured on her blog too, link here.

And of course we were all there to catch up with my brother-in-law, Luigi and his sweet dog Polly (short for Cipolla which is Italian for Onion - so called because her nose peels).  He was in fine form and it's hard to comprehend that he is 92 this December - you just would not know it.

We stayed at one of our favourite B&B's called Residenza Il Barone, this is at least my fifth stay there. The picture below is taken on the breakfast terrace and there really is no better place to be on a bright morning with views of the rooftops and the sea.

My wardrobe was very much a case of old favourites thrown into a carry on case, you know the usual suspects that only come out when you go away.  Including this ancient top from M&S and cotton trousers that I must have purchased at least five years ago.  No-one can accuse me of not being sustainable.  I have just packed away all my summer pieces and some go back a long long way - I am almost sentimental about them!

Of course I got much derision from the girls when I took them to visit my very favourite door in all Tropea.  I know, odd to have a door as a highlight, but you must agree it is very impressive.

And an ideal place to pose for a shot.

We enjoyed some great cocktails at Max's bar and fully indulged in the marvellous food of southern Italy from fresh fish to the home made Fileja pasta with our favourite Nduja - a spicy pork sausage.

I managed to slip one new top into the suitcase with this batwing sleeve jersey shirt from COS which is one of those pieces that just hangs beautifully with a timeless classic styling.  Not too badly priced either at £55.

We had some amazing weather, were at the beach everyday and enjoying stunning sunsets every evening.  Tropea is really such a pretty place and one I firmly recommend making the effort to visit.

Lizzy and I will be back again next year so watch out for more coverage.

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