Hey, Los Angeles!

If you'd like an ANNA/LOLA/ISLA tote bag (one of these), here's how to get one THIS SUNDAY APRIL 13TH at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books:

(1) Print the above image.

(2) Fill out your name and email address.

(3) Hand it to me at the festival.

If you're one of the first ten people to hand it to me, you'll get a tote bag! Right there and then!

If you aren't . . . no worries. You'll still have a chance to win one. I'll put all of the remaining entries into a new giveaway—a drawing—and I'll randomly select two winners. I'll email the winners next week.

Now. Where will you be able to find me at the festival?

• Walking around. Of course!

• 1 PM: Signing (with Rachel Hawkins) at the Penguin/Pages booth #707. This is your best bet. Please wait in the signing line and hand me your entry when you reach the front.

• 3 PM: Panel on the YA Stage with Emery Lord, Joanna Philbin, and Amy Spalding. Please do not approach me while the panel is in session, but feel free to approach me before or after. I'm very friendly!

Good luck! I hope to see you soon!

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