You Should All Go See Pacific Rim, Like, Today

Let's play a game. Which guy does Stephanie find attractive? I'll give you a hint: IT'S THE BESPECTACLED SCIENTIST WITH THE MONSTER TATTOOS.

Hey, guys!

Quick update about the deleted scene from Lola: I had all of the best intentions in the world of posting it last Friday, but—between the time spent on the playlist and the time spent packaging up the Twitter giveaways—I simply ran out of hours.

The deleted scene will take a lot of careful formatting, which I can't afford to do right now. All of my working hours need to be given to Isla and Josh.

I'm very, very sorry, but I'll post the deleted scene here on my website as soon as I get to the end of this draft. Sit tight. 

In the meantime, Beth Revis just tweeted about Noisy Typer, an app that makes your computer sound like a typewriter. I've been looking for something like this for years. You'd better believe I'm using it (AND LOVING IT) right this second.

*hits return key*



Also, you should all go see Pacific RimSeriously. Go give this movie your money.

Its most recent trailers made it look like a bleh mash-up of Godzilla and Transformersbut—try to remember—this is Guillermo freaking del Toro. This is the director who gave us Pan's Labyrinth (please tell me you've seen Pan's Labyrinth) and the Hellboy films (ohmygod, the troll market in the second film), not to mention the lesser known but stellar films The Devil's Backbone and Cronos.

I haven't seen a mega blockbuster-type film this fun since . . . I don't know. The first Pirates film? Is that stretching it? Probably. But maybe not!

It's intelligent without being holier-than-thou. It understands its audience and doesn't talk down to them. It has a kick-ass female character. It has actors who can act. It skips the long, drawn out origin story—enough with the origin story, superhero films!—and goes straight for the good stuff. And, ultimately, it's about learning how to work with other people, which is a bit of a rare thing given to American audiences these days. (Exception: The Avengers, obviously.)

It's also silly and goofy, but in a nice way. And it contains a great pair of shoes.

Plus! Charlie Day.

And Idris Elba and Rinko Kikuchi and Burn Gorman and Ron Perlman and Clifton Collins Jr. and and and.

And giant monsters. And equally giant robots.

I'm just saying.

I hope everyone gives Pacific Rim their money immeeeeeediately to encourage movie studios to make more films like it in the future. Enough with sequels and remakes! DOWN with sequels and remakes! FIGHT the sequels and remakes! 

*waves pitchfork*

*smiles at the shing!*

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