The LOLA Playlist

It's here! It's here!

At long last, the official Lola and the Boy Next Door playlist has arrived. To view the tracklisting, go here. To view the tracklisting along with an explanation of why I selected each track (warning: book spoilers), go here.

And to listen to it . . . go here!

The playlist features two songs by one of my favorite musicians in the entire world, Jónsi (pictured above), a song by my VERY favorite musician in the entire world (Thom Yorke, as you longtime readers already know!), and twelve additional songs by musicians whom I also like a great deal.

And if you missed the @PenguinTeen chat last night, you can find me discussing Anna, Lola, Isla, and all manners of other queries by searching Twitter for the hashtag #LOLA. I answered your questions with Penguin Teen for an hour, took a break, and then answered ALL OF THE REST OF THE QUESTIONS until 6:30 a.m. So I think/hope there's some good stuff in there.

My favorite moment of the evening was when I was asked which of my characters would be in which Hogwarts houses. I loved this question, because OF COURSE I already knew the answer. Ha!

If you're curious:

Anna (she becomes brave like Neville)

Cricket (sweet and such a hard worker)
My husband Jarrod!


To find out more about my books, writing habits, favorite Girl Scout cookies, etc., please scroll down through the #LOLA feed.

And I sincerely hope you enjoy the playlist!

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