Happy Lola Week!

This week, I'm celebrating the release of Lola and the Boy Next Door in paperback!

I know I shouldn't play favorites, but dude. Lola's cover? Unquestionably my favorite. It's bold and bright and San Francisco-y and a little bit punk rock. Just like Lola herself.

This book has been a JOURNEY, and I'm honestly taken aback by how . . . relieved I feel to have reached this milestone. Longtime blog readers know that Lola (or "that bitch Lola," as dubbed by dear friend Gayle) was not easy to write. Or revise.

Or, sadly, publicize.

I was fortunate to tour with it twice, but—as anyone who saw me on any of those stops can attest—I was still so shaken by the decade (DECADE) of agony (LEGITIMATE AGONY) that this book caused me that I was unable to actually talk about it. Thank goodness people were more than happy to talk about Anna!

But . . . I'm coming out of the Lola closet now. I'm ready to talk.

I love this book.

And I never thought I'd be able to say that, and my eyes just welled with tears as I typed it, because it's finally true. I'm proud of the hard work (SO MUCH HARD WORK) that went into it. I'm proud that I never gave up. I'm proud that I wrote and rewrote and rewrote this story until it clicked, until it reached that glorious stage where it blossomed into something so much bigger than its original idea.

I'm so, so grateful for the attention and love and devotion that Anna has received, but I must confess that nothing feels better professionally than when a reader approaches me in a signing line and says that Lola is their favorite.

And I always know when it's coming.

Lola-girls are special. Lola-girls have been through it. And Lola-girls have come out stronger on the other side. We're like . . . a tribe. And I can spot the other members a mile away.

My greatest fear as an author is that I will never write a book that is more loved than Anna. But my greatest hope—and I always try to focus on the hope, always focus on hope—is that each book I write will bring new readers to my signing lines. I hope Isla and the Happily Ever After will have Isla-girls. I hope my horror novel will have horror-freaks. And I hope whatever comes next will have whatever-comes-next-fans. If every book touches at least one reader in that way, I will know that I'm doing my job.

So thank you, Lola-girls. Thank you for saving this book, and thank you for helping to save me.

On to the celebrations!

I'll be giving away ALL OF THE BOOKS in the above picture this week on Twitter. All of them! Signed and personalized! I have ten paperbacks of Lola in English, plus several copies in Spanish, (Brazilian) Portuguese, and Czech.

Here's the official schedule:

MONDAY: two paperback giveaways on Twitter
TUESDAY: two paperback giveaways on Twitter + a chat with @PenguinTeen about Lola at 7pm EST (Ask me anything!)
WEDNESDAY: two paperback giveaways on Twitter + the release of Lola's soundtrack on 8tracks (Anna's soundtrack is already here)
THURSDAY: two paperback giveaways + all of the foreign giveaways (both on Twitter)
FRIDAY: two paperback giveaways on Twitter + a deleted scene from Lola here on my website

Yeah? Yeah? Does that sound good??

As far as what time of day the giveaways will occur, I'm sorry. I can't plan that far in advance. My writing schedule is too day-to-day. But I can guarantee that I will never give anything away before noon EST. I'm a late sleeper.

All righty. Off to publish this post and publicize it and give away some paperbacks!

(And then write. Because seriously. I have to finish Isla this month. Cripes.)

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